Saturday, May 12, 2007

(R) everse

I became part of the team at Jay Vanos Architects; on Monday I will start making some renderings for a 15 unit building. Like to many other schoolmates at sciarc Jay Vanos has been an inspiring teacher, his seminar Environment and Climate showed me some powerful achievable relationships between our imagination and built structures, the local eco-systems and space, the sacred and home . .

Anyways I'm glad to get to work here; those above are some screenshots from his website.

Two days ago:

I brought Danielle a new fish from the store for her tank; it's a Black Moor Goldfish, common pet in China and can live up to 25 years, his name is Boggler.

A weekend or two ago:

We head off to Joshua Tree to hang out with Stephanie Smith (Right after finishing her studio, it was a SUMMER FREEDOM kind of trip)

The desert's sounds, vast fields, its playground clusters, rabbits and coyotes are fun to experience.

Stephanie's place was the perfect place to relax and have a good time,
it was cool walking around her land and finding some older experiments,

the sunset there was about 125 times longer than mine.

Three weeks ago:

I finished the Spring semester, this is my final for studio, Oasys

More images of it click here at Yuki's blog who I designed this project with.


YukiukiH said...

i wish this was 4 different posts...don`t know which one to comment. i`m grad you got the summer job @his place.

Daniella, i`ve got you red kimono.
Say hello to your new Big-Eye friend!

Terry said...

How is your working life in Jay Vanos. Are you still working there or you are quiting? I didn't get too much chance to talk to you in the office before I left. I still feel bad that I'm kind mean to you in the office. Keep me post and let me know what's going on in the office.

This is my e-mail:


vikarpeter said...

hi David, just found your blog after seeing your comment on BLDGBLOG. So, just wanted to say hi from sunny Vienna. Keep on posting...! p.