Thursday, November 30, 2006

San Marco, Venezia

pidge mischief

Venice Biennale

I went to Italy with my studio at the beginning of this month to participate in the Venice Biennale.
Sciarc, along with a dozen other schools from around the world, was chosen to investigate one existing mega-city and propose a new urban plan.

We stayed in Venice for ten days; all 17 of my studiomates took hundreds of pictures each = thousands of pictures total. I'll post more later.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Face Shots, all body

boxing update: I've been feeling some rib-cage pain after fighting Sky last week, here's the only fight i have ever won.

Check out Sky's Blog on the links to the right to see me get knocked out.

The Living Curtain

Muscle wire, also known as memory wire is a titanium nickel alloy that returns to a preset shape at a preset temperature. When the wire cools, it goes back to a non-programmed shape.

Harold, Sky and I used muscle wire to make a curtain that "breathes." We wired the memory alloy into a pattern on a fabric called alum-glo. When its hot outside, a 12 volt current runs through the each of these flaps on the curtain and closes them to block sunlight; when there's no direct sun the curtain begins to open up again.

We're still working on this prototype, I'll post up any significant updates on the Living Curtain.