Friday, March 30, 2007

Studio Update

Next week is the beginning of the final two weeks of school; things are moving smoothly. My studio space has become a gallery with the accumulation of this semester's projects.

So the Oasis project has began to more seriously engage the systems it promised earlier in the semester. The enclosure is being designed as a hydroponic system. Over one hundred individual plants are grown in these nodes connected by pipes that feed the network.

We are interested in designing the connections and perhaps allowing the user to use his own "nodes" as containers to grow. This experiment shows this Recycle Version section of the wall. The model is missing a couple pumps, so I'm curious to know whether or not these plants ( from left to right, lettuce, beans, and tomatoes) will survive. I will manually change the water/food every couple days to substitute the water pumps; as for the oxygen and sunlight issues, I will just pray hard.

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